Many youngsters are attracted to machine learning and the popularity is increasing each day. Many new products are launched often by using machine learning. Machine learning happens when a machine learns from examples and experiences and it need not be programmed explicitly. Therefore instead of writing code, you can feed the data to the general algorithm. Based on the given data, the machine or algorithm builds the logic. There are many machine learning courses online free. You could get a hands-on experience of all the sessions and practice them well. Here are a few online courses for you to choose from that are free and paid as well.

1. Microsoft Professional Program (MPP)

This is a free course offered by Google and helps boost your professional life and the easy availability of jobs. There are 10 different types of courses that are offered. you could choose the program you want to learn and every course ranges between 10 to 48 hours.

2. Udacity

This is a machine learning course that is a very popular learning platform online. Udacity offers an intermediate level of AI study material for free. In the introduction to the AI course, you will be able to learn machine learning in-depth. This is one of the machine learning courses online free. 

3. Python for Everybody, University of Michigan

This course was created to practice programming in python and gain knowledge to analyze data using python. You can find this course on Coursera. The program contains five courses and has a project to be completed to earn your certificate. You will also learn neural networks, deep learning, Python data structures, etc.

4. Applied Data Science with Python Specialization, University of Michigan

This can be taken up after completing the above program, you can learn the applied data science course to advance your data analytics skill. This program also contains 5 courses and includes a project work on each topic. You will be introduced to data science using python, applied plotting, charting and data representation, applied machine learning, applied text mining and applied social network analysis.

5. Machine Learning A-Z (UDEMY)

This is one of the popular courses that are available on udemy. The program is designed to help people understand the concepts easily. You will be able to learn machine learning algorithms using Python language and R from the data science experts. They also offer code templates. The program is offered at a low price and a course completion certificate will be provided after completion. This is a video course that comes to 41 hours and the articles related to the subject are also provided.

Machine learning the trend now. It will help boost your job search and career opportunities if you can learn them before searching for jobs. There are many machine learning courses online free to choose your programs from.

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